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Everything you need to know about home automation protocols

Tasks like covering your windows when there too much sunlight in your house or setting your sprinklers to water your garden on daily basis at a specific time. Even controlling your garage door using your smartphone are all parts of home automation.  Eco-system of Home Automation: There are really hundreds of ways you can use […]

How to make your home smart?

Turning on/off your home lights using your smartphones is no longer a myth. The Internet Of Things (IoT) is slowly turning all your products into devices with internet connectivity. Whether it’s smart home, medical, transportation or even agriculture; every field is rapidly adopting the IoT phenomenon. There is a lot of confusion around IoT, what […]

6 Tips to secure your Smart Home devices

Did you recently purchase a new Internet of Things device for your smart home like Philips Hue lamps or a new Nest Camera or even a new Smart lock? Are all these devices connected to cloud services and you’re concerned about security and privacy? What about your personal data? In the last couple of years, […]