Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro

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The Xiaomi Air purifier is feature-rich

After downloading the Mi Home App (available on Android and iOS), this smart air purifier allows you to connect your smartphone via an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module in order for you to:

  • CONTROL the purifier remotely – which will even allow you to switch it on when you’re on your way home in order for you to come home into a house with pure, clean air.
  • SEE how the quality of the air improves – the digital ultra-sensitive particle sensor gives you a visual representation of the current particle content in the room it is in,
  • MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS: The onboard app displays the outside air quality after analyzing the “street air quality”, and will make recommendations – for example, on a day with dirty smog outside, it will remind you to switch on the air purifier. Likewise, when the air outside is clear, it will let you know that it is safe to open windows to let fresh air in.
  • KEEP THE AIR CLEAN: You can set the timer to start/stop the purifier at certain times, like programming it to switch off while you’re at work.
  • MONITOR the air quality. The Xiaomi is always on guard and will prompt you for further action if it detects air quality deteriorating.