Getting Started with Smart Home, Internet of things and Home Automation

Do you already have a Digital Assistant or a smart lamp and want to buy more devices? What are the differences between them, and how can you choose the best-available products? This article will try to give you some hints on wht you need to know before getting started, and help you buy the best devices to complete your smart home.

What are Smart home, Connected Home and Home Automation?

Smart home and home automation are not terms that were coined in the last 5 years. On the contrary, they have existed since light timers and smart sensors were first installed in people’s homes.

These days, when people refer to a smart home or smart devices they are referring to devices which incorporate some sort of microprocessor, and also have the ability to communicate with each other and perform tasks that you would otherwise have to perform manually.  A connected home (earlier known as the Internet of Things) is one whose devices do not only communicate with each other, but also are connected to the Internet and can be remotely controlled or perform tasks based on available data (for example the weather).

That is the beauty of a smart home. When everything is connected and you have your home working for you. For example, when you can automatically open the garage door when you approach your house, or turn the lights on when you come through the door or when you enter a room and it’s dark outside, or turn on the TV, put on a movie on and dim the lights simultaneously at the push of a button.

Smart Home Protocols

The second thing you need to understand about Smart/Connected home is the protocols that currently exist and how they affect your buying decisions. The article below should help you with that.

Learn more about home automation protocols

Finding the right devices

After learning about the connected home and the available protocols it’s important to find devices compatible with one another. If you’re reading this post then you’re in the right place. Eksypno can help you find out which devices are compatible with the ones you already have, or the ones you already know you want to buy.

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